Basic Operating System Information -- VMS (OpenVMS)

1. Is the system with the problem you're reporting actually on a current support contract?

  • If yes, proceed to Step 2 below…

2. What is the:

  1. Version of VMS?
  2. Serial number of the system?
  3. Architecture of the system (Integrity, Alpha, VAX …soon X86)?
  4. How many CPUs (cores) in the system?
  5. How much physical memory?
  6. How long has the system been up?

All of the above can be displayed with either of these commands –

Just cut-&-paste the following long line (all of it) onto your DCL command line, then hit Enter:

PIPE show system /noprocess -
; write sys$output "  Architecture  = ''F$GETSYI("ARCH_NAME")'" -
; show cpu /full | SEARCH sys$pipe "Serial Number" -
; show memory /physical | SEARCH sys$pipe "Physical Memory" /WINDOW=(0,1)

Hint: Use your mouse to select all four lines above. When the whole command is selected, enter Ctrl/C to copy it to your paste-buffer. Then go to your terminal window logged into VMS (e.g., your PuTTY session), and enter Shift+Insert to paste this text into the command line… hit Enter to execute the command.


Use this command symbol/alias (define it in your LOGIN.COM; this command is identical to the one above):

$ sysin*fo  == "PIPE show system /noprocess " -
             + "; write sys$output ""  Architecture  = ''F$GETSYI("ARCH_NAME")'"" " -
             + "; show cpu /full | SEARCH sys$pipe ""Serial Number"" " -
             + "; show memory /physical | SEARCH sys$pipe ""Physical Memory"" /WINDOW=(0,1)"

Hint: Copy/paste the four lines above into the INTERACTIVE: stanza of your LOGIN.COM file. Rerun this script with $ @SYS$LOGIN:LOGIN – Then you can use the command symbol interactively, as follows:

$ sysinfo

In either case, you'll see something like this:

OpenVMS V8.4  on node CLASS8    6-SEP-2018 15:07:27.74   Uptime  51 05:30:49
  Architecture  = IA64
  Primary CPU   = 0
  HWRPB CPUs    = 2
  Page Size     = 8192
  Revision Code =
  Serial Number = (virt.) US42779094
                Serial Number..: 0001c606a2cad9bc
                Serial Number..: 000266ffb74dbc96
 Physical Memory Usage (pages):     Total        Free      In Use    Modified
   Main Memory (1.99GB)            262096       46466      211634        3996

When you run either of these commands, just cut-&-paste the resulting output into an email message for us, typically in response to the PARSEC's introductory email, Subject: Case XXXX has been logged for YourCompanyName by TechName.

Be sure that all of your email correspondence about this case includes the “Case XXXX” (where XXXX is your case number) as the first two words of the Subject: line.

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