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Hewlett Packard's HP-UX

PARSEC Tech Support

HPUX resources

See below for resources related to troubleshooting and administration of HPUX.

HPUX Data Collector - Nickle

For collecting data from HPUX there is no built in data collector (ala 'snap', or 'sysinfo'). However, there is one called Nickle which you can download which is a HP maintained script, but doesn't come with HPUX. You can see the most recent announcement here.

HPUX Open Source Packages

Depending on your version and architecture for HPUX you may be able to find a lot of great open source software on the HP Porting and Archive Center site. There you can find a package management tool called 'depothelper' which is a very nice front-end to depot packages similar to 'yum', 'ips', 'pkg', or 'apt'

Sales and Support Info

For 3rd party support of HPUX please see our hpux information page on our main web site.

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