How do I display a table of quadword addresses and have SDA translate them as symbols?


The examine command in SDA displays data and tries to translate the contents into ASCII. While the show stack command displays the data and searches the symbol table to display the symbol that translates to that address or the nearest previous symbol (within 1000 (hex) bytes) with an offset from that symbol to the address that it is trying to translate. Use the /long qualifier to display a table of longwords.

SDA> examine exe$gl_scb
EXE$GL_SCB:  00000000.83846000   ".`......"

SDA> examine 83846000;40
FFFFFFFF 818E4E60 FFFFFFFF 8014CA8C  @.......@Å......     FFFFFFFF.83846000
00000000 818BC540 FFFFFFFF 80091940  .Ê......`N......     FFFFFFFF.83846010
00000030 818BC540 FFFFFFFF 80091940  @.......@Å.. ...     FFFFFFFF.83846020
00000020 818BC540 FFFFFFFF 80091940  @.......@Å..0...     FFFFFFFF.83846030
SDA> sho stack 83846000;40

Specified Stack Range
                       FFFFFFFF.83846000    FFFFFFFF.80091940  ERL$UNEXP_C
                       FFFFFFFF.83846008    00000000.818BC540  ERL$UNEXP
                       FFFFFFFF.83846010    FFFFFFFF.8014CA8C  SCH$FLOAT_DISABLE
                       FFFFFFFF.83846018    FFFFFFFF.818E4E60  SCH$GR_SCHEDULER_LINKAGE_SECT
                       FFFFFFFF.83846020    FFFFFFFF.80091940  ERL$UNEXP_C
                       FFFFFFFF.83846028    00000020.818BC540  ERL$UNEXP
                       FFFFFFFF.83846030    FFFFFFFF.80091940  ERL$UNEXP_C
                       FFFFFFFF.83846038    00000030.818BC540  ERL$UNEXP
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