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Supported Operating Systems

There are a lot of legacy operating systems and hardware. We support a lot of things, but not everything. Sometimes it's confusing to tell. PARSEC doesn't support hardware directly. We work with other hardware partners who have things like parts depots and field engineers to support the operating system running on that older hardware. Below is a table breaking down what operating systems we do support and the usual sort of hardware it runs on.

Operating System Name Common Hardware or CPU Version Numbers Notes Inventory Command
VAX/VMS VAX Systems such as the 11/780, 11/750, MicroVAX II (or even I), or MicroVAX 3100 1.0 - 6.4 Yes! We still support VMS running on the VAX show device /full
OpenVMS Alpha EV4, EV5, EV6, EV7 systems as well as Itanium (Integrity) 6.3 - 8.4-2L1 This is the modern OpenVMS on both the Alpha and Itanium show device /full
Linux x86, SPARC, Alpha, or Integrity all versions but only RHEL, Debian, or SuSE distributions others by approval only We basically support anything that runs Linux, including non-x86 platforms dmidecode ; lspci
Tru64 Alpha EV4 to EV7 1.x - 5.1B patch 10 (last version) Remember it was also called OSF/1 and Digital Unix before it was renamed in the 5.x days. We also support TruCluster and AdvFS layered products hwmgr show component
Solaris SPARC and X86 2.4 - 11.3 We also support the ancient SunOS and transitional or special versions such as Trusted Solaris and Solaris on Fujitsu SPARC servers. We can only give reasonable effort support for Sun Cluster (no layered product support for it)prtdiag -v
AIX RS/6000, POWER4 - POWER9 3.x - 7.x We don't support the 1980's versions and we don't support the super-obscure PS/2 version (but we'd love to see someone running it!)lsconf
HPUX HPPA (PA-RISC or Precision Architecture) and the Itanium / Integrity versions 10.x - 11iv3 We don't support the old Motorola 68k platforms (but we love the 68k, nonetheless). We'll also support MirrorDiskecho “selclass qualifier memory;infolog” | /usr/sbin/cstm
IRIX MIPS R3000 and anything after We'll support IRIX versions 5.0 - 6.5 on any system with a MIPS R3k or betterWe support CXFS and some layered products as wellhinv -mv ; gfxinfo

Additional Layered Products We Support

Sometimes vendors sell additional functionality for their operating systems as a separate item. We use the old phrase “layered products” to describe this situation. Here is a list of layered products we support. In some cases, we may also agree to support one not on this list.

  • Rdb (Rdb/Oracle and VAX/Rdb) for OpenVMS and VAX/VMS
  • DECNet for OpenVMS and Tru64
  • MultiNet for OpenVMS
  • AdvFS for Tru64
  • Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) for all Unix platforms we support
  • Sun DCE
  • IBM PowerVM also sometimes called VIOS
  • HACMP also called PowerHA for AIX
  • ServiceGuard for Linux and HPUX
  • CXFS for IRIX

Things We Don't Support

Here are a list of things we get asked about fairly often that we, unfortunately, do not offer support for at this time.

  • DEC Ultrix
  • Tandem / Nonstop
  • VxWorks
  • MS-DOS, CPM, AmigaOS, MacOS, OS/2 (ie.. nothing on micros)
  • NeXTStep, Mach, or OpenStep
  • SunOS 4.1.2 or earlier
  • Dynix
  • UNICOS (though we do have some experience with this platform for consulting purposes)
  • A/UX (we do support AIX, but A/UX is a fun old early-90's Apple Unix variant that never took off)
  • AT&T Unix (mainly because nobody has ever asked)
  • DG/UX
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