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PARSEC does a lot of work with Linux and has a very knowledgeable and well-certified staff when it comes to Linux. We support any Redhat or Debian based distribution going back as far as 1.3 kernels. We can usually provide the support for less money and better SLAs than Redhat or other consulting companies simply due to the synergy between this line of business and the other Unix variants we support. Also, having a broad knowledge of Unix informs our support for Linux, as well.

PARSEC Tech Support

In case you missed it, here is a page explaining How To Initiate a PARSEC Tech Support Call. To make things easy, we've created a script that will gather most system information we'll need for troubleshooting. It's called and you can download it directly from that link. Also, if for some reason you can't use that script for Linux, we usually would like to see the following information collected manually if you have no ability to run the script.

$ dmidecode
$ ps -efaux
$ df -h
$ free -m 
$ vgdisplay -v
$ ls -lR /dev/disk

There is no standard support bundle for Linux as each vendor does things a bit differently and few of them even have such a tool to begin with. So the commands above typically give us everything we need to support a host or start analyzing a problem. Our techs may ask for more, but this gives a large jump start.

Linux Articles and Resources

In this section you'll find some topical articles for Linux and some links to resources as needed by PARSEC cases and clients.

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