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Our support folks run a secure FTP (SFTP) server at the following address on port 22 (standard default port) which can be used to send us support files like logs, diagnostic output, or support bundles. You can use the SFTP command line tool in either OpenVMS or on Unix systems. The server is a closed system that requires an account. Please contact your support representative to get your account information. If you need a handy SFTP client for Microsoft Windows try WinSCP or FileZilla which is also available for MacOS, and Linux.

Example Session

Here is an example of using the command line sftp client. This example should work in both Unix and OpenVMS environments.

$ sftp's password: ********
# Welcome to PARSEC's FTP service for Clients!
# You will be "trapped" in a chrooted directory
# That means you can simply upload files here 
# without worrying about where to put them or 
# making sub-directories. 
Connected to
sftp> ls
archive            case_7208.tar.lrz  static-list.txt          
sftp> mput
Uploading to /                                                                                                                                        100% 4611KB   1.5MB/s   00:03    
sftp> quit
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