You want to setup DECnet Phase V on Tru64.

Setup Scripts

You should be aware there are two setup tools you can use to make this whole process easier. First, you can do a commandline setup by running decnetsetup. For an X11 interface (CDE style) you can run dxdecnetsetup.

Where to Find the Package

If you are using OSF/1. I'm sorry, I don't know which disk the DECnet packages are located. In fact, I actually aren't even sure that there was such a thing. However, I can tell you that for Digital Unix 4.x it will be on the associated products disks. For Tru64 5.0 you will find it on the Compaq Product Software Collection disk number two in a package called dna500. For Tru64 5.1 you'll find it on the same disk but the package name is dna510.

Manual Page Topics

The following are DEC manual pages that relate to running DECNet on Tru64, Digital Unix, or OSF/1. We'll try to get these online, but for now, you should have them on your system once you install DECnet.

  • addnode add or change an entry in the MOP client database
  • ccr Remote console carrier requester
  • dcat Type the contents of remote files
  • dcp Copy files between DECnet-Plus nodes
  • decnet_dns_register Helps you register and manage nodes in the DECdns namespace
  • decnet_migrate functions to help you manage node directories, objects, softlinks, and access control in the DECdns namespace
  • dlogin Log on to remote DECnet-Plus nodes
  • dls List the contents of a remote directory
  • dnsbrowser Starts the DECdns Browser utility.
  • dnscp Starts the DECdns control program
  • drm Delete remote files
  • dts Evoke the DECnet test sender
  • ftam2ftpd invokes the FTAM daemon
  • errors DECnet-Plus for Digital UNIX Secondary Error Messages
  • ftam_listener invokes an FTAM listener
  • ftamd invokes an FTAM responder
  • getnode display one or more entries from the MOP client database
  • isoapplications used to manage the OSI application entity database
  • load down-line load software to a target node
  • ncl Run the Network Control Language program
  • ncp Run the Network Control Program
  • nfi Network Functions Interface
  • nodename Print the local nodename
  • ocat Concatenate and print data
  • ocp Copy file data
  • ologin remote login using the OSI Virtual Terminal protocol
  • ologind invokes an OSI Virtual Terminal responder
  • ols list and generate statistics for files
  • omv move or rename files
  • orm remove files
  • ositrace Generate readable trace file
  • proxytoncl Upgrades the Phase IV proxy file to the DECnet-Plus proxy database
  • remnode remove one or more entries from the MOP client database
  • tell Tell remote DECnet node to execute commands
  • trigger Trigger a target node to request a down-line load
  • update_mopdb Upgrades the Phase IV MOP database to the new Phase V MOP database
  • vt_listener invokes a Virtual Terminal listener
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