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Commands Useful for Access Points

For the purposes of clarity, these are examples, not prototypes.

Get basic info, channel, mode, etc..

$ sudo iw wlan0 info
Interface wlan0
        ifindex 3
        wdev 0x1
        addr b8:27:eb:9f:d3:52
        ssid pg-guest
        type AP
        wiphy 0
        channel 11 (2462 MHz), width: 20 MHz, center1: 2462 MHz
        txpower 31.00 dBm

Get stats on all the wireless clients connected to your access point.

$ sudo iw dev wlan0 station dump
Station 80:19:34:62:17:81 (on wlan0)
        inactive time:  1000 ms
        rx bytes:       56189
        rx packets:     525
        tx bytes:       2806639
        tx packets:     28253
        tx failed:      0
        signal:         -65 [-65] dBm
        tx bitrate:     72.2 MBit/s
        rx bitrate:     65.0 MBit/s
        authorized:     yes
        authenticated:  yes
        associated:     yes
        WMM/WME:        yes
        TDLS peer:      yes
        DTIM period:    2
        beacon interval:100
        short slot time:yes
        connected time: 788 seconds
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