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 +Question: Once TCPIP$DEFINE_COMMANDS has been executed, which command will display the fingerprint for an SSH key?
 +Answer: SSH uses keys to encrypt communication between systems. Each key may be identified by its fingerprint. When the key is generated, that fingerprint is displayed. When a client application makes a request for the public key from a remote server, it may display that fingerprint so the user can verify they are connecting to the correct host. If the fingerprint is unknown, then it may be retrieved from the file using the command:
 +  $ ssh_keygen -"​F"​
 +  Fingerprint for key:
 +  xuceh-ngter-fofir-fotaa-fozul-fehuv-sulir-cupap-tymag-dozag-nyzuz
 +The quotes around F are required. Without it, the user will be notified that f is an invalid option.
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