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-NOTE:  This is a work in progress, the final result will be forthcoming soon. 
 ===== Introduction ===== ===== Introduction =====
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 **TCPware:​** **TCPware:​**
-According to the site http://​​products/​tcpware/​tcpware_datasheet.pdf  the answer ​is " Other restrictions that have been eliminated in the NFS v3 server include ​the file storage size can exceed 2-gigabytes ​and data transfers can exceed 8 KB."+It appears that in version 5.6, the NFS Server was upgraded to allow NFS v3.  ​It is unclear what version ​the Client was upgraded to NFS v3, but version 6.0 definitely supports it.  Thus, the best guess is as follows: 
 +Pre-5.6 versions: ​  NFS v2 only, thus limited to 2 gigabytes. 
 +6.0 and above: ​ NFS v3 is available for both client and server
-This probably means that the NFS client ​is still running V2.  So if you are using the NFS client you are likely bound to 2 GBwhile the NFS server can exceed 2 GB.+Between those versions ​the server ​is not limited ​to 2 gigabytesbut the client is limited to that size.
 **Multinet:​** **Multinet:​**
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