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What typically is the direct cause of a process entering the RWSCS state?


The Distributed Lock Manager coordinates lock activity with other nodes of the cluster. Processes in a cluster which make heavy use of either locks, or the file system, may often be seen in this state for a brief time.

Seeing processes in this state does not always mean that the system has a performance issue. This state may be seen for short intervals while processes wait on a resource to become available. Once available, the process will continue.

Other, less common, causes of a process entering the RWSCS state occur while making changes to a cluster-wide logical name table or the distributed write bitmap for host-based volume shadowing.

Other conditions, such as a saturated network or a poorly configured cluster, may cause the process to STAY in the RWSCS state for a longer period of time, but is of itself not the CAUSE of the state. If this happens to you, please contact 866-3-PARSEC or for further assistance.

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