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 +==== Introduction ====
 +How do you tell SDA to read in additional system loadable images that are not in the SYS$LOADABLE_IMAGES or SYS$LIBRARY directories with the SDA> READ/EXEC command?
 +==== Technique ====
 +Modify the SDA$READ_DIR logical search list to include the directory containing the additional loadable images.
 +By default, the logical name SDA$READ_DIR is defined as a search list that points to SYS$SYSROOT:​[SYS$LDR],​SYS$SYSROOT:​[SYSLIB]. You can modify this logical to include a directory that contains user or vendor supplied system loadable images. For example, to enable SDA to automatically include Multinet system loadable images do the following:
 +          = "​SYS$SYSROOT:​[SYSLIB]"​
 +  .
 +  %DCL-I-SUPERSEDE,​ previous value of SDA$READ_DIR has been superseded
 +Now when you run SDA and do SDA> READ/EXEC it will be able to locate the Multinet images as well as the OpenVMS images.
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