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Terminal Emulation

ProgramFeaturesRuns OnNotes
PuttySerial Telnet SSHWindows LinuxWidely used free terminal program.
KittySerial Telnet SSHWindowsImproved version of Putty with more features
TeraTermSerial Telnet SSH RloginWindowsOldie but goldie. Works well on older systems too.
iTerm2same as MacOS (everything)MacOSGreat for Mac users and completely free. Very fast and feature rich.
QodemSerial Telnet SSH Rlogin SocketUnix, MacOS, WindowsGreat open-source clone of Qmodem. Better than Qmodem
EtermSame as UNIX (everything)Linux, BSD, Solaris, IRIX, AIX, Tru64, HPUXFancy Xterm emulator for Unix variants
KonsoleUnix variantsUnix running KDE environmentFull featured and free terminal emulation for KDE users and available on many operating systems

File Transfers

FileZillaFTP FTPS SFTPMost popular. Reminds me of Xtree Gold from DOS.
WinSCPFTP FTPS SFTP Choice between Norton Commander style interface or Explorer style. Supports both new and old SFTP algos
SFTP for ChromeSFTPWorks directly in your Google Browser w/uploads
Kermit95Kermit ProtocolVery reliable file transfer program for network or serial connections. Works with OpenVMS (even very old versions)
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