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 running into. running into.
 +===== Are These Original OEM Patches? =====
 +Never. No way. We are not legally able to do this and we can only touch vendor patches when the customer has clear entitlements with the vendor. At that point, we are just consultants who do your OEM patching for you, but you've paid for the original entitlement. We absolutely will never download a patch from a vendor and "​cheat"​ by putting it on a customer system. It's immoral and illegal. ​
 +We **only** deliver patches which we've developed in-house with our own independent methods.
 +===== How Does One Pay for Patch Entitlements?​ =====
 +Customers pay hourly consulting fees to pay for the hotfix or patch they want/need. The rate is determined by talking to your salesperson. ​
 +We can also make recommendations for any patches based on outstanding CVE reports and quote you on those patches only so you can present that as a regulatory audit artifact showing that your system is still secure and up to date on patches specifically for security issues. ​
 ===== What is a Firmware Update? ===== ===== What is a Firmware Update? =====
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