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   * [[http://​​story/​1859/​SGI_SPECIAL_Introducing_the_Jewel_of_UNIX_the_64-bit_IRIX_OS|here]] is an Excellent OSNews article on IRIX as an introduction.   * [[http://​​story/​1859/​SGI_SPECIAL_Introducing_the_Jewel_of_UNIX_the_64-bit_IRIX_OS|here]] is an Excellent OSNews article on IRIX as an introduction.
   * Slightly out of date page on [[http://​​buying-silicon-graphics-hardware/​|procuring SGI hardware.]]   * Slightly out of date page on [[http://​​buying-silicon-graphics-hardware/​|procuring SGI hardware.]]
 +=== What We Support ===
 +Our support offering is simple. We'll help you with anything related to the IRIX operating system. We have experts here who have been IRIX users and admins since the beginning in the 1990'​s. Here are some examples of things we'd support.
 +  * Setup and installation of IRIX (not always easy).
 +  * Performance tuning and recommendations. Remember, you can't emulate IRIX. It's real hardware or no deal.
 +  * Operating system problems or storage related issues with CXFS or XFS. We also provide operational support SGI logical volumes in XLV.
 +  * Software setup and licensing issues with **lmf**
 +  * User administration or Unix-related questions
 +  * IRIX Kernel settings and tuning ​
 === PARSEC & IRIX === === PARSEC & IRIX ===
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